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meet 22 apps

Matthew McGregor

After spending 5 years in the internet marketing space, Matthew came up with the idea for 22 Apps on a ski trip, thinking to himself "Why do people still use websites instead of apps?" Although he may look young, Matthew will shock you with his business expertise.

Emily Harder
| Customer Success Master

Although she’s a legendary singer with over 120,000 subscribers on YouTube, she’s also a SERIOUS operations & marketing genius.
If you ever talk to emily, consider asking about your brightest ideas & questions; she’s sure to have answers 😉

Gabrielle Guglielmetti

By far Matthew’s best hire ever, Gabi is a master when it comes to copywriting, aesthetics, and sales through social media marketing. In her spare time she’s scaling a brand called “Living Yellow” and even has over 25,000 followers on tik tok. (She’s a super genius if you ever talk to her…!)

Mitchell McGregor
| Lead Done-For-You Builder

As the lovely brother to Matthew, Mitchell McGregor is a legend when it comes to super smash bros for the nintendo switch, as well as providing an exessively streamlined done-for-you experience that gets 5 stars for days. (He also makes a mean stir-fry…!)

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