As the business world continues to adapt to better fit customer needs, new ways of marketing and connecting with customers begin to arise.

Years and years ago the next “big thing” was email marketing, a few years later it was blogging, and a few years after that it was social media. 

So what now?

What’s the next “big thing” that will help you grow your business and connect with your customers?

The answer: Creating an app for your business.

When you create an app for your business and list it on the App and Google Play store, you create a tremendous new opportunity for your business.

How, you might ask? Here are 3 ways being seen on Apple and Android has a positive impact on your business:

1. More visibility for your business

When you list your app on the App and Google Play Store, you create another touchpoint where potential customers can find you. These stores already have thousands of people each day looking for apps they can download to make their lives easier.

Even better, once your users download your app, your app will take up on-screen real estate on their phone which will cause your users to see your app and think of your business almost every day. Your users will also be more likely to see the new content you upload to your app because it won’t be saturated by other people’s content like it is on social media.

2. More direct connection with users

Having an app allows your customers to learn about your business in a new and interactive way. An app makes things way more personal since your business essentially lives on your users’ phones.

You also get to have direct communication with your users via push notifications, which are alerts that are sent directly to your users’ home screens.

Another way users feel more connected to your business is that they feel like they have a sense of belonging by being users of your app. It’s almost like being part of a club – your users find a sense of identity by being one of your app users, which is a great way to build a community around your business.

3. It makes everything easier

Overall, having an app makes it easier for you to connect with your users and your users to quickly access all of your content and get in touch with you.

Instead of making an announcement on your website or social media and hoping your followers see it, you can send push notifications from your app knowing that all your users will see it.

Finally, having an app makes it easy to house all your content in one place. Your users don’t have to jump from your website to your blog to your YouTube channel to find the content they’re looking for, they can just log on to your app.

Are you convinced you need an app for your business yet?

Apps are truly the way of the future. They take all the positives of your website, social media, blog, and YouTube channel and combine them all in one easily accessible place.

You don’t want to miss out on the next “big thing” in marketing. If you’re ready to get started building your very own app for FREE, check out 22apps!