We’ve all seen the tremendous value and versatility of livestream events amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Livestream events allow you to connect with a much larger group of people than in-person events do, especially people in your target audience.

Naturally, when you decide to host a livestream event, you want to make sure your marketing strategy is effective at producing the highest turnout possible.

In the past, you may have promoted your livestream event through a chain of email blasts or social media posts. These marketing methods are decent, but if you want to get the most engagement on your livestream and make the biggest impact possible, you are going to want to market your event through your own app.

Here are 4 ways you can use your app to market your next livestream event and potentially triple its engagement and impact.

1. Use push notifications to build excitement 

Push notifications are a useful tool in your marketing strategy because they can be used in so many different ways. 

For livestream events, you can use push notifications to: 

  • Announce the event and get people to register for it.
  • Count down the event to get people excited about it.
  • Send last call notifications to create urgency and get users to sign up at the last minute.

Push notifications are unlike email blasts because they are sent directly to your users’ phones (and thankfully have no chance of ending up in a spam folder). 

When you use push notifications to promote your live events, you can be sure your users see them. Because of this, push notifications are a much more effective way to build excitement and engagement around your livestream event.

2. Use an announcement bar or popup on your app to increase event attendance

You can add an announcement bar or popup to the homepage of your app to announce the event and encourage people to register.

This way, every time a user opens your app, they will be reminded about your event. You can change the announcement bar or popup frequently as the event approaches so you can keep your users engaged and excited about it.

Having an announcement bar or popup on your app will have a much higher conversion rate than announcing your event on social media channels. Since you have complete control over the content on your app, there’s no chance your promotional content will get lost in the shuffle like social media posts do.

3. Create specific pages on your app to share important information about your livestream event

You can create a specific page on your app dedicated to your livestream event that provides all the information your users need and includes an on-page call-to-action to encourage users to register for it.

This is helpful to your users because they can refer back to this page every time they have questions about the event.

4. Upload a replay of the livestream event once it’s over

Another great way you can combine your app with your livestream event is by uploading a replay of it after it’s over. You can make it an exclusive replay by only allowing paying members of your community to have access to it, or make it public so anyone who has your app can watch.

In addition, you can use this replay to create more content for the future by taking clips of the replay and sharing them on your app or social media platforms.

Apps can be a very effective component of your marketing strategy, especially when you are hosting livestream events.

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