If you weren’t already aware, content is KING nowadays. 

Your content is the reason people follow you and keep coming back to learn more from you. 

The content you produce helps to distinguish apart from your competition and helps your audience determine how valuable you are to them. 

To put it simply, the more valuable your content is, the more valuable you become to your audience.

Sounds great and all, but how do you go about creating highly engaging content? Today, I’m sharing 8 tips that will make it easy to constantly create engaging content your users love!

1.Your content should be high-quality

You don’t just want to throw together any sort of content for your users (quality over quantity always, right?). 

You want to make sure you are producing high-quality content. This means any pictures, videos, graphics, writing, etc. you use as content needs to be good enough quality that it’s clear to your users that you put time and effort into creating it. 

It doesn’t have to be professional quality per-se, but it does have to look like it was created with intention. After all, if it looks like you don’t care about your content, why should your users?

  1. Your content needs to grab attention

Our attention spans are short – like, really short – so it’s imperative that you hook your users’ attention RIGHT AWAY.

The first sentence of your writing or the first 3 seconds of your video should be used strategically to grab your users’ attention. If you don’t hook your users immediately, they are likely to scroll right past your content. If that happens, it’s not really worth posting the content at all, is it?

  1. Your content needs to be easy to understand

Since we all have such short attention spans, it’s important to make your content easy to understand for your audience. Make sure you break up large blocks of text into small paragraphs, lists, bullet points, etc. so your audience can find the information they need quickly and easily.

Also, make sure you are explaining your content at a level your audience will understand. Be sure to utilize infographics, charts, graphs, and other visual elements to help your audience fully understand your content.

  1. Your content needs to add value

Your audience is bombarded with content almost 24/7. You want to make sure your content adds value to their lives and isn’t just part of the noise they want to drown out.

Use your content to entertain, inspire, educate, or help your audience in a way that actually has a positive impact on their lives.

  1. Your content needs to be what your audience actually wants

Going along with the previous tip, you want to make sure the content you are providing for your audience is actually what they want to see. 

Step into their shoes for a second. What pain points do they have? What questions do they need to be answered?  These are the questions you want to answer with your content.

Interact and ask your audience what they want to see from you as often as you can and use their answers to drive your content creation.

  1. Your content needs to promote interaction

This may seem simple, but if you want more engagement on your content – just ask for more engagement on your content!

Include a strong call-to-action in every piece of content you create and actually tell your audience what you want them to do (share with a friend, follow, comment, click on a link, etc.)

  1. Your content needs to touch emotions

People always want to be heard and understood by other people. Make sure your content speaks to your audiences’ emotions and relates to them in a way that makes them feel like you’re a real person trying to help them.

If you know your audience well, you know where their pain points lie. Use this knowledge to touch their emotions and make them feel something when they see your content.

  1. Your content needs to be creative and unique to you

Finally, make sure your content is unique to you! There’s probably a lot of people out there who have a business very similar to yours. Make sure to differentiate yourself through your content and stand out from your competition so that people don’t just want your content, they want you.

Position yourself as a necessity for your audience. Follow these 8 tips to create highly engaging content your audience will love you for!