63% of Apple users and 58% of Android users found the apps they use every day simply by browsing the App and Google Play Store.

This means, if you offer a mobile app, over half of all your app users will find you simply from browsing the app store, not from any other form of marketing.

You might be wondering, “Well, how can I get more users to discover my app in the app store?”

Two factors determine how easily you can be found in the app store:

  1. Your app’s ranking
  2. Your app’s listing optimization

And today, I will be sharing the keys to ranking high in both the App and Google Play Store and how to easily optimize your app listings.

Factors that affect app ranking:

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the top three factors that affect your app ranking.

Downloads are the most important factor. The amount of downloads your app gets lets the app store know that your app is in high demand with users. It’s important to make sure your app listing is compelling and visually appealing to potential users in order to get more downloads (we’ll talk more about this later on).

Another important factor that affects your app ranking is your app’s ratings and reviews. Better ratings result in a higher ranking while bad ratings result in a lower ranking (pretty self-explanatory). 

Potential users will also look at your ratings and reviews to decide if they want to download your app or not. It’s a good idea to add some popups or reminders in your app to encourage your users to rate and review your app!

Finally, the last factor that affects your ranking on the app store is your app uninstall rate. If a lot of users download your app and then eventually uninstall it, this tells the app store that your app is not very useful, and your ranking drops.

In order to avoid high uninstallment rates, it’s important for you to design your app for a spectacular user experience and add content that is valuable and engaging to your users.

How to optimize your app listings for maximum downloads: 

Now you know the most important factors when it comes to ranking high on the app store, but how do you increase these factors?

The answer is to optimize your app listings.

There are 2 major components that go into optimizing your app listing: the copy and the visuals.

First, let’s start with the copy. You’ll want to make sure your app title and description are optimized by including relevant keywords in both.

When you are doing keyword research, you can determine the best keywords by looking at how relevant the keyword is to your audience, the competitiveness of the keyword (how many people are using it), and the search volume (how many users are searching for it).

You want the keywords you use to be high in relevancy to your audience, low in competitiveness, and high in search volume.

When it comes to including keywords in your title, you want to be sure to include the most relevant keywords without keyword stuffing. Choose 1-2 keywords that are most important to your app and audience and include them in your title.

Using keywords in the description of your app differ between the App and Google Play Store. For the App Store, they provide a keyword field you can add your list of keywords to. For the Google Play Store, on the other hand, you must add your keywords throughout your description.

The second component of a highly optimized app listing is your visuals.

You’ll want to make sure your app icon and screenshots of your app are visually appealing and eye-catching so potential users are dying to download and use your app.

Make sure you capture the coolest and most important features of your app in your app visuals!

Again, the reason it’s important for your app to have a high ranking and be optimized for the App and Google Play Store is because it’s where a majority of your users will find your app!

To recap, in order to do this, you need to first make sure your app is optimized through your listing’s copy and visuals so that you can maximize your downloads. Second, you want to make sure you encourage your users to rate and review your app so your app can rank higher and be found by more potential users.

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