Splash screens are an important part of your app because they help your users feel welcomed and encourage them to continue to use your app. They are the first impression your users get of your app and if designed well, can make your application appear more professional and more likely to continue being used.


A splash screen is a graphic that appears while your app home screen is loading. A splash screen helps introduce your app and set the tone for your users. Having a splash screen can help you stand out from other apps and make the most of your precious time with your users.


It welcomes your users to your app:

When designing a mobile app, the splash screen is an essential component that welcomes your users and sets the tone for their in-app experience. The splash screen design should be considered very carefully by designers when developing the app. (More on designing your splash screen later).

It sets expectations for your app:

Making a splash screen is one of those small, but powerful ways to set an expectation about what kind of app your users are about to use. Your splash screen should be simple, creative, and encompass your visual branding to help set the best tone for your users.

It helps with waiting time:

Anyone who’s used a smartphone has probably experienced the annoying delay before an app opens. With a splash screen, you are able to reduce the frustration your users feel during this delay and improve your overall user experience.


Keep it simple:

The best thing to keep in mind when creating a splash screen is to keep it simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your users by making it overly complicated. Depending on how fast your app loads on their phone, your splash screen might only be on their screen for a split second, so don’t add lots of text or elements to the screen just in case.

Show your visual identity:

A splash screen is the perfect place to increase brand recognition. Make sure you include your logo, brand colors, and/or brand imagery to the splash screen so your users get familiar with it.

Make it fun to look at:

In addition to everything mentioned above, it’s important to also make your splash screen creative and fun to look at for your users. You can do this by incorporating fun graphics or by leveraging your brand colors in a fun way.

Splash screens are important to the user experience of your app because they give your users a friendly welcome, set their expectations, and help relieve frustration during loading time.

With these tips, you should have no problem designing an awesome splash screen that increases brand recognition and encompasses your brand personality.

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