Text message marketing and push notifications are very similar ways to market to your audience. Both allow you to have a direct channel of communication with your users by sending notifications directly to their phones. However, to use both types of marketing effectively, you need to be able to differentiate when the best time is to use each one.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you when and where to use text message marketing as opposed to using push notifications in your marketing strategy.

On average, text message marketing has a 98% open rate (WOW) which is way higher than any other form of marketing. This high open rate is likely due to the fact that people open text messages to get that annoying little notification icon to go away, but nonetheless, it gets people to look at what you’re sending. 

For this reason, it’s important to utilize text message marketing when you want or need immediate action from your users. 

Here are a few examples of good times to use text message marketing:

1. When you need to send urgent messages

When you have something urgent to tell your audience and need to connect directly and immediately to them, text messages are definitely the way to go.

Let’s say you are having a technical issue on your app or website and you need to let your users know ASAP that you’re aware of the problem and working to get it fixed. Send them a text directly to their phone so they are made aware immediately! 

Text messages always deliver to your users’ inboxes, even if they aren’t connected to the internet. Whereas push notifications need the internet to deliver. So, in urgent situations, make sure to use text messages.

2. When you need to send time-sensitive messages

As I mentioned before, text message marketing has a 98% open rate, and text messages are usually read within 3 seconds of being received. If you have time-sensitive information, you’ll want to send a text to your users.

For example, if one of your users showed interest in one of your courses by making it to the checkout page but leaving without purchasing. You can let that user know that enrollment for that course is closing at Midnight so they better act fast.

3. When you need to send transactional messages

Another great time to use text message marketing is when you need to send transactional information. You can send a text message letting your users know their transaction went through, what it was for, and how much they were charged.

This helps build trust with your users because you let them know how much their card was charged immediately after their purchase, which positions you as a transparent merchant.

You might be thinking, “Okay, that makes sense, but when should I use push notifications?”

Push notifications are better used for promotional material, reminders, and announcements that are not time-sensitive. You can also use push notifications to recommend new content or products to users or send them non-urgent updates about your app or business.

Text message marketing and push notifications are two very important components of an effective marketing strategy. Although they are similar, they should be used in different ways. Now that you know how the different use cases for text messages and push notifications, you can use them to communicate with your audience in a more effective way.