What’s the most effective marketing strategy you use to grow and engage with your customer base?

Is it social media? Email marketing? Blogging? 

While these are great marketing strategies, I wouldn’t say they are the most effective. Not anymore anyway.

All of these strategies used to be a great way for businesses just starting out to grow following organically, but in recent years, they’ve become extremely oversaturated or influenced by a not-so-nice algorithm.

As a business owner myself, I found myself with this dilemma not too long ago. I just KNEW there had to be a better way to market and grow my business.

So, I started researching.

Specifically, I started researching marketing strategies that weren’t SUPER expensive to start and would give me complete control over my audience and the content that they are shown.

You see, with things like social media and email marketing, you are not in control of what your customers see. When they open a social media app or the inbox, they are bombarded with a bunch of content from so many different people and businesses, they might not ever see your content.

Blogging is nice because you have control over what is shown on your website, but it’s hard to get people coming back and engaging with your website every single day.

Luckily, after much research, I thought I finally found a solution.

I discovered that mobile apps were the PERFECT marketing strategy to grow and engage a community of people interested in your business.

I found that mobile apps are great because your users can easily access you and your content in seconds, you get to control the platform and the content that’s shown on it, and you have the ability to send push notifications that pop up directly on your users’ phones.

The only problem I found with this solution is that mobile apps are SUPER EXPENSIVE to build and maintain (I’m talking like $30k-$70k MINIMUM). 

I realized that although mobile apps seemed to be the perfect solutions for small business owners to use to market their business, very few small businesses actually have the means to build a mobile app.

So, although I had found a solution to my original problem, I now had a new problem that I couldn’t seem to solve.

Instead of admitting defeat, I decided to CREATE a solution to that problem myself. That solution is called 22apps.

WHAT IS 22apps?

22apps is the first state-of-the-art drag and drop app building software that allows you to build an app for your business easily and affordably. It uses drag and drop elements (sort of like Shopify or Wix) to build your app and it’s completely customizable. You can design an app that really looks and feels like your brand.

Another great thing is that your app can house all of your content – videos, podcasts, blogs, resources, etc. all in one place. Your users will be able to access your content in seconds and, since your app will take up real estate on their phone screen, your brand awareness and engagement will increase tremendously.

Another great thing you can do with 22apps is send customized push notifications to your users. You can use these to remind users to register for your webinar, check out your new blog post, or purchase your new course. Push notifications are highly effective at boosting sales and engagement through your app – better than social media marketing and email marketing combined!

Our mission at 22apps is to empower entrepreneurs to further their mobile marketing presence and change the world with their message. We hope to one day see a world where every entrepreneur succeeds.

We value connection, fun, growth, and taking action. We work hard to create a business that serves other entrepreneurs and helps them build a successful business in a fun and innovative way.


I’m sure that what you really want to know is how 22apps can benefit you and your business.

As I mentioned before, the two most effective ways of marketing in the past are slowly proving themselves to be less and less effective. This will only get worse as the years go on.

Having an app is important for successfully growing your business because it gives you a place to house content, send push notifications you KNOW your audience will see, and take up real estate on your users’ phones which will increase brand awareness and engagement. 

If you want to stand out in your industry and have an advantage over your competition, 22apps is for you.

22apps makes building your very own app simple, easy, inexpensive, and fun!

Having an app can open so many doors for you and your business. In the next few years, I see almost every business having its very own app. So, if you’re a small business owner, this is the perfect time to get ahead of the crowd and start building your very own app with 22apps!