I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 has taken us through a whirlwind of a year.

Whether your 2020 was amazingly awesome, or incredibly disappointing, I think all of us are ready to dive headfirst into the new year.

The new year always comes with long lists of goals, resolutions, and dreams. The sky’s the limit when imagining what you want to accomplish in the next year.

Though in addition to all your personal goals and resolutions you are going to set for 2021, I might also suggest writing down a list of things you can do to improve your business in 2021.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, that’s a good point, but I feel like I’ve tried every single sales and marketing tactic in the book. What else is there to do?”

And I’m here to tell you that I’ve got just what you need: An app for iPhone and Android.

There are SO MANY benefits to having an app for your business. Apps are truly paving the way for the future in terms of both business and marketing. Having your very own app gives you a highly effective marketing and sales channel and provides your audience with ways to instantly connect with you and your community.

If for some reason you’re still not convinced why you NEED an app for your business, here are 5 reasons why NOT having an iPhone app is going to cost you in 2021:

1. You may become stuck in the same cycle of marketing

Send this email, schedule that social media post, run this Facebook ad – do you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but your marketing efforts seem to come up short every time?

This is because while email, social media, and paid ads are all great tactics, they are not the most reliable and effective ways to market anymore.

You need a way to communicate DIRECTLY with your audience while also providing them with a place to go that connects them to your business. This is where an app proves to be REALLY helpful.

Apps provide you with a way to meet your audience RIGHT where they are: their phones. NOT having an app for your business forces you to stick to marketing methods that are not “Front and Center”, making it very difficult to grow and scale your business quickly and effectively.


 2. It will be harder for you to build community and loyalty with your audience

Without an app for your business, there’s no one spot your audience can go to connect with you and access your content that is fully controlled by you.

Sure, you can direct your audience to your social media profile, though when social media is SO distracting, a lot of people may scroll through your profile for a minute or two and then click off to check out somebody else’s business.

You could, of course, direct people to your website, but if your audience member is on a mobile device, it will definitely feel like an inconvenience for your user. It would be a lot easier for them to locate your app on their phone screen, click on it, and voila, be on your app in an instant!


3. There’s no way to offer “more” for your audience

With an app, you can upload as much content as you want to share with your audience and organize it exactly the way you want. This makes it easy for your audience to know exactly where to find what content they’re looking for, and it’s great because you can send push notifications directly to your users’ phones when you upload new content.

Without an app, you are forced to use emails, social media, YouTube, etc. to send out content to your audience, making it challenging for your audience to go back and find previous content that they’re looking for.


4. An app is an untapped sales channel

If you don’t have an app for your business, you are essentially leaving money on the table. As I mentioned earlier, having an app for your business gives you a direct and frequent communication channel between you and your audience (AKA a great way to make sales).

Having an app also allows you to constantly be on your users’ minds. Every time they open their phone and see your app icon, they will be reminded of you. Thus, making it more likely that they will choose to buy your product or service.


5. You won’t have anything that makes you different from your competitors

No matter what industry you’re in, most small and medium businesses do not have an app for their business yet, meaning you may find yourself blending in with all your competitors.

Without an app, you won’t be able to go above and beyond for your audience or make it easier for them to connect with you over your competitor.


Do you see now why having an app is going to be absolutely crucial for your business in the coming years? Apps open up so many doorways to communicate with your audience and build a loyal community of followers, which will in turn make your sales grow.

We created 22apps to fill this huge demand: apps are becoming the next gold-mine and an essential aspect of a business. 22apps gives you the ability to create an app for your business in the most simple and inexpensive way yet.

Don’t let not having an app cost you in 2021, especially when there’s such an easy way to make your dream app become a reality.