Your competitor just announced they are launching an app for their business.

You think “Ehh, no big deal. I have a beautiful website, engaging social media channels, and a long list of email subscribers. An app won’t help my business that much, right?”


By having a mobile app your competitor has a huge unfair advantage over you for many reasons. Not only do mobile apps make it easier for your users to access you and your business, but apps also help you market, increase brand awareness, add value, analyze user behavior, and make sure you stand out from the competition.

Mobile apps are the way of the future. If your competitor has a mobile app for their business and you don’t, here are 5 reasons your competitor has an unfair advantage over you:

1. They have a DIRECT marketing channel to reach their customers

Apps allow you to send push notifications to your audience. With push notifications, you are able to send updates, reminders, and alerts right to your audience’s phone, without the risk of it being sent to a spam folder.

If your competitor is able to get their message across directly on your audiences’ home screen, and you are still relying on emails and social media to share your message, who’s message do you think your audience is going to see and remember? Little hint: not yours.

2. They will be able to increase their brand awareness and visibility

Think about it. People are ALWAYS on their phones. In fact, the average person spends over 3 hours on their phone a day! So, if your competitor’s app icon is on your audiences’ home screen, your audience will see their logo multiple times throughout the day, making their brand more memorable to your audience.

Apps also make it easy for users to connect directly to a business. All they have to do is click a little icon on their phone and they are instantly brought to a place that is filled with content, resources, and community.

Marketing is all about meeting people where they’re at. If your competitor has an easier way than you do for your audience to access similar content, your audience will choose your competitor every single time.

3. They will be able to give value to your audience that you can’t

Having an app is like having a little home for your business. It houses all the content and resources you create for your audience and allows users to access it all with a click of a button.

By having helpful content that is easily accessible to your audience, it helps build trust and loyalty between you and your audience. If your competitor is able to build more trust and loyalty with your audience than you can, your audience will ditch you and run to them.

4. They will have an easy way to track and analyze user behavior

Apps are different from social media platforms because YOU are completely in control of the content the users see. With analytics, you will be able to analyze user behavior so you can best determine the most effective ways to serve your audience. By doing this, audience members will be more engaged when interacting with your business because you will be able to give them the exact content they want.

Analytics help you discover what type of content your users enjoy, what time is the best time to send out push notifications, what pages your users find the most valuable on your app, and so much more.

Having complete control over this information is super valuable to the success of your app and business. If your competitor has access to much more detailed information about your audience, they will know your audience super well and in turn, be able to market to them more effectively than you can.

5. They will stand out from the competition (AKA you)

As of right now, very few small businesses have their own app. However, in the next few years, I can see almost every business having its own app.

Your potential audience will be much more eager to choose a business that has an easier and better way to access content and resources. That’s why, if your competitor is the first to have an app in your niche, they are already ahead of the game.


Since apps have so many benefits for both businesses and their users, it’s imperative that you get ahead of the game and start creating an app for your business. Apps make it easy to directly market to your audience, help you drastically increase brand awareness, offer your audience tremendous value through easily-accessible content, analyze user behavior, and stand out from the competition.

You’ve probably said a million times, “I wish I would’ve started marketing my business on Instagram in 2016” well, in a few years from now I can guarantee you’ll be saying, “I wish I would’ve started an app for my business in 2021”.

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