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Active Campaign vs 22apps

Active Campaign vs 22apps - Why choose 22apps over ActiveCampaign?

November 20, 20223 min read

activecampaign vs 22apps


ActiveCampaign is one of the leading competitors when it comes to email marketing automation. It does a great job of helping you create automated email campaigns to nurture and convert your leads. However, email marketing is only ONE piece of the puzzle when it comes to having a successful marketing strategy. 

This is where 22apps comes in to pick up where ActiveCampaign is lacking…

save $149 with 22apps


ActiveCampaign’s pricing is based on how many contacts you have, with their most popular plan starting at $149/month for only 1k contacts. 

At 22apps, we don’t believe you should be punished for successfully scaling your business. In fact, the 22apps email builder is included FREE with your Done-For-You account (no matter how many contacts you have!). 

Alternatively, a standard 22apps license (aka without Done-For-You support) is only $97/month and includes over 22+ other features besides the email builder. Check them out here.


Unfortunately, ActiveCampaign has a pretty steep learning curve and is not the most beginner friendly. You may find yourself spending hours figuring out how to use the platform due to its clunky user interface.

While the workflow builder for both ActiveCampaign and 22apps is similar, 22apps on the other hand was designed with a simpler and more user-friendly interface overall. It’s easier to build and manage your email campaigns, even as a beginner. 

Even better, with a 22apps Done-For-You account, you don’t even have to worry about setting up your own email campaigns because we do it for you! This is one of the MAJOR benefits of switching from ActiveCampaign to 22apps. You get to save time & money while still getting your high-converting email campaigns built. We’ll even help you migrate all your ActiveCampaign emails over to 22apps for you.



In addition to the email builder, ActiveCampaign has features such as a landing page builder, SMS marketing, and chatbot automation. This is a great start, but an integrated marketing strategy involves more than just these 4 features.

With 22apps, you not only get all the features you’d get with ActiveCampaign, but you also get a complete funnel-builder that rivals Clickfunnels, a membership site builder, affiliate tracking software, a website builder, and more! (See all of our features here) 22apps allows you to engage with more leads with less effort and create and manage high-level client nurturing programs. 

Plus, our SMS marketing is a 2-way channel, meaning not only can you send texts to your audience, but they can also reply BACK to you! Whereas with ActiveCampaign, you can only send texts to your customers.

And again, with 22apps, our Done-For-You team will help you build out all these different aspects of your marketing campaigns for you so you can save time and energy.

22apps features


The ActiveCampaign customer support could be a lot better, especially considering the steep learning curve the software requires.

With 22apps, your Done-For-You Rep is there to support you whenever you need it. You have access to your rep via text, phone call, or email, so you’ll always have direct communication with them. In addition, we also offer emergency calls, so if you have a time-sensitive problem, you can contact us at any time (whether it’s 11pm or 3am).


As you can see, 22apps triumphs over ActiveCampaign, not only because of the many additional features we offer but also because our Done-For-You support is out of this world. We’re here to help you succeed by offering you next-level support with your marketing! 

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active campaign vs 22apps22apps vs active campaign
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