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Jay Fiset

Jay Fiset

These guys DELIVER.

"10/10 times, Matthew & his team...

A) Deliver ahead of schedule

B) Always go above & beyond with more than what I asked for

C) Come prepared with questions on how to scale my idea to the MOON with tech & automation.

As I get into new ventures, I quite literally would fail without a team like Matthew's.

Love you brother!"

NICHE: Business Consulting on Joint-Venture traffic

Charles Byrd

Charles Byrd

They can automate the IMPOSSIBLE!!

"I needed to create two things: A webinar & an onboarding sequence; both of which I thought would take 2mo.~ each given the last few agencies I worked with... (UGGHHH)

...however, working with 22apps is DIFFERENT.

I was SHOCKED when Matthew sent me our completed webinar landing pages with all the email & sms automations scheduled the SAME DAY I asked him to do it.

We're now building out my onboarding sequence which is COMPLETELY automated (Even things like FB posts & group invites which I didn't even think was possible to automated!)

This team is EPIC and my #1 choice for any business owner (ESPECIALLY for high-ticket.)"

NICHE: Business Coaching on profitable partnerships

Ridgely Goldsborough

Ridgely Goldsborough

Brilliance + Ingenuity + Speed = 22apps

NICHE: Messaging & conversions systems for small businesses owners

Chad Durfee

Chad Durfee

Custom software? No problem.

"I didn't know if Matthew & 22apps could support with custom software (It isn't in their core offering)...

... so I was VERY surprised and EXCITED when Matthew agreed to build the future of referral marketing.

We are now working on "", a software designed for high-ticket experts to add 100k+ per month to their business through referrals, and it is AWESOME.

Like - The product looks amazing, has NO BUGS, and does more than I could ever ask for.

Team 22apps really goes above & beyond with everything, and custom development is no exception."

NICHE: High-ticket sales & referral strategy

Michelle Schubenel

Michelle Schubenel

100k+ Launch? No problem.

  • 100k+ "Jeff-Walker-Style" Product Launch

  • 5,000 Added To List

  • Minimal Work Involved

  • Great communication throughout!

NICHE: Marketing & Lead-Gen support

Nicholas Kusmich

Nicholas Kusmich

I needed an expert ASAP.

  • New landing page created within 24h

  • Migrated 4 campaigns of 20+ emails from Infusionsoft

  • Same-day turnaround time for small requests

NICHE: Facebook ad follow-up systems for scaling-companies

Karen McGregor

Karen McGregor

$26,000 in Sales from ONE 1h Webinar

NICHE: Heart-centered retreats & inner guidance

Andrew Rezmer

Andrew Rezmer

One-Day “Shipping”

“I’ve worked with a lot of different funnel experts, web designers, graphic artists, etc. And it’s literally been hell every single time… Except with Matthew.

What I love about Matthew is how easy he is to work with. This makes it REALLY EASY for me to focus my energy on creating a step by step plan for my business, rather than trying to figure it out all on my own.

I truly admire how committed to excellence Matthew is when it comes to serving his clients.

Thanks for everything Matthew 🙂 Talk soon.”

NICHE: Real-Estate growth through creative investing

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart

I was tired of crappy agencies...

  • Increased sales & traffic through new referral campaigns

  • Automated onboarding sequence (Saves hundreds of dollars of work that my VA used to do!!)

  • Always sharing innovative ideas to take my business to the next level

NICHE: Visibility success for Coaches, Speakers and Transformational Leaders...

Colin Sprake

Colin Sprake

New Productivity App!

"Matthew is EXACTLY who I went to first with needs for custom development of our new app.

I've always known him as the smart & kick-ass marketer that everyone depends on (and the same is true for app-development)

I'm excited to launch Donzio very soon my friend!!"

NICHE: Productivity for business, fitness, and even relationships!

Doug Sandler

Doug Sandler

These guys are UNDER-PRICED

NICHE: Podcasting success & management

Paige Stevensen

Paige Stevensen

14 Seat Workshop Sold Out In 4 Days!

“When I joined Matthew’s platinum-level program, I was pleasantly surprised with how he really went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to working together.

For example, I needed a landing page done for one of my live events; I sent him the information and within 1 day it was up and running. Do you know how long my web gal takes JUST TO RESPOND????? And furthermore, the results were incredible.

By helping me with the structure of my online system, as well as the copy writing, my 14 seat workshop was completely sold out in the first 4 days of launching. (I really should have offered a second date….) Thanks again Matthew, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

NICHE: Intuitive spiritual guidance & self-purpose work

Michelle Falcone

Michelle Falcone

Almost Instant Response Time??! (WOW!)

"I love how responsive 22apps is!

When I need my website updated, they reply usually within MINUTES!!

(I'd be okay with 48-hour replies but this is AMAZING!

Thank you so much team! Site looks great and I appreciate all your help!!"

NICHE: Life coaching & inner-self work

Mikele Rinaldo

Mikele Rinaldo

They're so impressive, I now work for them.

"Matthew & 22apps singlehandedly built every aspect of my original business - So much so that I HAD to learn how they did it.

I now work part-time for 22apps and I couldn't be more happy!! :)"

NICHE: Funnel building & management

Nicki Chang-Powless

Nicki Chang-Powless


"22apps is a ROCKSTAR company!

When I need something, it gets done FAST.

When I need higher conversions, they know how to "fix my funnel".

These guys are experts and you DEFINITELY need to work with them long-term when scaling a business."

NICHE: Product & business strategy

Adrian Armstrong

Adrian Armstrong

Epic Results since 2018 :)

"I'm not good with tech (and sadly most tech agencies get disappointing results...) - That said, I skeptically hopped aboard with 22apps back in 2018.

Since then, Matthew & team have continued to impress & deliver!

The journey never ends and it's a privilege to work together!"

NICHE: PEMF healing technology sales

Natasha  Todorovic-Cowan



This is why we need companies like 22apps.

"I've had technical tragedies, funnel frustrations, and digital dismay.

No matter the disaster, Matthew knew what to do and came through.

Not only is he a pro, he is the BEST!"

NICHE: Organizational development & leadership

Paula Hopwood

Paula Hopwood

Better Service & Results than EVERYTHING else I've tried.

NICHE: Spiritual guidance & life purpose

Trevor McGregor

Trevor McGregor

We Made A LOT Of Money

“Every time I partner with Matthew, I either make a lot of money overtime, or I make a lot of money all at once.

(They key being – Matthew’s system makes you money)

Just recently we launched my Real Estate Investor's Academy, and WOW did that ever take off.

First time – Oversold out with 18 participants @ $497 (8 of which bought my $12,000 coaching package) for a grand total of $104,947 in 12 weeks.

Thanks again Matthew, and I look forward to working on our next project very soon.”

NICHE: Real-Estate mentorship

Leesa Hubbard

Leesa Hubbard

Automated Clients

“Before working with Matthew, life was exceptionally challenging – Especially after having my baby boy, Max.

It was very hard and frustrating to find time to build out any online systems, create new content, etc.

However, after joining the Platinum Program, life became a breeze. Many of my client streams became automated and I didn’t even need to do anything. Matthew and his team work around the clock to make sure my business runs smoothly, so I’ve really got nothing to worry about – And ultimately I can enjoy life with Max.

Thanks Matt for all your help! Chat soon.”

NICHE: Children's book author

Jacquie Nagy

Jacquie Nagy

Genuine & Caring

  • I LOVE how I get my own individual account-rep

  • I can book unlimited 15-min private calls to talk to them whenever I like

  • I feel like my rep (Matthew) really cares about me, my business, and the work I'm doing. I feel important.

  • PLUS of course we're making money while making an impact ;)

NICHE: NLP expert & trainer

Adrian Starks

Adrian Starks

I couldn’t have done this alone…!

“Matthew has been so incredibly helpful when it comes to growing my business and building a brand that truly impacts people for the better.

Originally I came to Matthew looking for help with a simple 1 page website – But it turned into so much more than that….

The systems and processes we’ve built together are beyond anything I could have came up with myself and I’m SO excited to start getting even more clients, making even more income, and ultimately changing the world by leveraging what Matthew has helped me create.

Thank you for everything Matthew! (Let’s Champion Up this world!!)”

NICHE: Podcast host for life purpose & empowerment

Caitey Gilchrist

Caitey Gilchrist

Hundreds Of Hours Saved!

“If you want to save precious time and get real clarity on how to direct your marketing and sales efforts, you need to work with Matthew McGregor.

Since consulting with Matthew, I can’t even count how many hours I’ve saved in my marketing simply by have him as a resource. He’s provided real, doable strategies on everything from webinars and online payment systems to social media and sales methods. Matthew GETS the big picture and knows all the systems that need to be in place to get you there.

His tailored advice has also helped me reassess my strategy for putting on workshops and events. (And – no surprise – I landed a deal for two workshops after using his tips to tweak my proposal!)

Matthew is truly masterful when it comes to marketing, tech and sales. If you’re looking to scale, reach new audiences or get your business to the next level, you definitely want Matthew in your corner!”

NICHE: Creative design for small business

Juliana Avella

Juliana Avella

Above & Beyond is an Understatement

  • Started working together in 2020 on my "Made Simple App" (Best decision ever!)

  • Originally launched my app on another platform and then migrated it to 22apps

  • LOVE sending out push notifications & updates to my listeners

  • When Apple or Android change stuff, Matthew & the 22apps team are always there to help!!

NICHE: Made simple app for pregnant mothers

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